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Wirat-Thaimassage offers a variety of massages, individually tailored to your needs. Do you prefer a gentle relaxation massage or a strong sports massage? An oil massage with coconut oil from sustainable, organic agriculture, with hot stones or herbal stamps? Or would you prefer a traditional Thaimassage without oil, in light sportswear with intensive stretching? Are you looking for relaxation and well-being for the whole body or concentrated treatment of heavily stressed body areas like back, shoulder, neck, feet & calves?
In Thailand, the Thaimassage, deeply rooted in culture and tradition, is one of the natural conveniences that women and men - young and old - regularly enjoy to increase their physical and mental wellbeing. Let yourself be pampered and increase your quality of life. Your Wirat

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You can also purchase all of the massages we offer as a gift voucher. Our massage vouchers are valid for three years from the end of the year in which the voucher was issued.




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