For your safety - Hygiene standards

We want to protect you and ourselves to a high degree.
Please read carefully what we are doing for your safety and health!

Massage only without symptoms of disease

If you experience signs of a cold or Covid 19 - typical symptoms, please refrain from a massage appointment. If you have a recognizable illness, we must refuse treatment.

Mandatory masks, hand disinfection and distance rules

As soon as you enter the massage studio, masks are mandatory for everyone present. Disinfect your hands at the entrance - we have provided everything for you. Whenever possible, keep a safe distance of at least 1.5 m.

Contact data collection

We are required to record your contact information, as well as the time period of your massage appointment, and hold it for contact tracing by authorized authorities.

Restriction of access

Only one client or two clients during partner massage are allowed in our massage studio. The entry of other persons is not allowed. After each treatment, our massage studio is closed for 30 minutes for hygiene measures (cleaning / disinfection / ventilation).

Air quality: LEITZ TruSens Z-3000 air purifier with activated carbon, HEPA filter with UV disinfection.

Cleaner air where it matters most. A SensorPod in the massage area monitors air quality throughout the room.
Fan speed is automatically adjusted according to air quality readings taken by the SensorPod.
A color-coded illuminated ring and a numerical value provide constant feedback on the current air quality.
PureDirect technology uses two air streams for comfortable air distribution and efficient air purification.
The 360 degree HEPA filter captures 99.97% of pollutants that are 0.3 microns and larger.
Activated carbon filter captures odors as well as volatile organic gases (VOC) from all directions.
UV-C lamp kills germs and airborne bacteria that can get caught in the filter.

Cleaning & Disinfection

All contact areas in reception, sanitary and massage room are carefully disinfected after each treatment. Towels and massage table pads are changed after each client and washed under strict hygiene aspects.